Ian Jakeways Associates design and run training programmes. We specialise in the financial sector, working with commercial and investment bankers as well as those in corporate treasuries. Our experience covers the UK, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The topics that we cover most frequently are described under training topics.

We invest time and effort to understand each client's specific needs and agree a programme to address those needs effectively. We do have "standard" teaching modules but these are always modified with specific case studies and illustrations, incorporating the methodology and terminology of each client. We believe strongly that course delegates must see the application of any learning to their roles.

This means that delegates do not leave a programme wondering how to apply the content to their job. We always incorporate an application of the content into our programmes. Delegates go through the "first try" in the safety of a training programme while there is tutorial support available. We find that significant learning takes place during this practical application phase.

The majority of our training programmes are classroom-based to facilitate discussion, developing knowledge and judgement. In addition we have undertaken assignments involving use of the internet. Our involvement has been in designing and developing knowledge diagnostics as a prelude to self-selection of further training. Participants in the project could test their own knowledge in a variety of topics to get an objective determination of their training needs.