Ian Jakeways Associates is a federation of like-minded training professionals: trainers, academics and practitioners. We are bound together by two key values:

the importance of understanding the fundamentals

the belief that training should incorporate the practical application of those fundamentals to achieve a high impact, generating value for the client.

We believe that a thorough understanding of the fundamentals leads to lasting knowledge that can accommodate change. Without this fundamental understanding, delegates are left with rules of thumb that work only under today's conditions - but maybe not tomorrow's.

We believe that new knowledge must be applied to enable delegates to see the practical application of the ideas to their job. This is why our courses feature purpose-designed case studies so that delegates can apply the learning in situations similar to their everyday role. We run only custom-designed training, unique to each client. Case studies and examples are created which are directly relevant to course delegates so that the learning is seen to be applicable to their responsibilities.

Today's complex organisations often have complex training requirements that need to be addressed by more than one specialism. The breadth of experience and expertise of the Associates enables us to accept any training challenges.